The Redstone Village


The People Behind "The Redstone Village"

ADCPL has built a culture of thought leadership in the world of architecture. We believe that architecture should not merely reflect changing lifestyles and the changing environment, but had to work proactively, preempt changes and build a story on these lines. With a qualified and experienced team of associates, civil engineers and junior architects, ADPCL has fostered a culture of innovation, proactive thinking, thought leadership and immaculate execution.

Land to us means more than capital investment. Land is not just about the ROI, but about the returns on happiness as well. ADPCL's land development philosophy runs poles apart from the run-of-the-mill land plotting projects. It is not just a piece of geography the buyer will get from ADPCL, but a holistic experience he will enjoy, complete with the culture, the heritage and the environment. The surroundings matter, the feel matters, even the fragrance of the earth there, matters...! ADPCL does not just deal in plots; it offers a complete new holistic experience to the land owners.